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Frecce Tricolori sul Garda
Frecce Tricolori sul Garda

Valtenesi Air Show 20 e 21 agosto 2016

In the beautiful setting of the Garda coast that goes from the Rocca di Manerba it will take place at the Port of Moniga the Airshow Valtenesi del Garda. operational center of the event will be “The White Bay”, right in the middle of the airfield where they will perform civilian and military formations.
The event was created by an intuition of Mayors Isidoro Bertini and Lorella Lavo, a time to celebrate the aviation history of the Brescia shore of Lake Garda. Here in fact the Marescaillo Francesco Agello won two World records in high speed on a hydroplane, which still are unbeaten. In 1934 he raced in fact at a speed of 709.202 km / h with his Macchi M.c.72, with a Fiat AS.6 3,000 HP engine, on the same trajectory dell’Airshow 2016.
The eagerly awaited show of the Frecce Tricolori will be preceded by evolutions of civilian aerobatics champions, manufacturers of aircraft and military helicopters; confirmed the participation of the formation of the legendary “Leoni” 85th CSAR, the Coast Guard that protects our Italian coasts.
For the occasion will be prepared a number of “operations” that will involve areas of land and lake. The manifestations of this type include the fact the no-fly area related to Show for obvious security reasons as well as an interdiction to navigation in the Lake of the performance. To this end, the Police and the Garda Volunteers, will monitor the line of the lake that will be bordered by orange buoys in the water.

FB_manerbaEverything for the safety of the pilots of the Frecce Tricolori flying with specific references to the ground and must not be distracted by reflections or movements in the water.

The extremely close Acrobatic Flight provides a focus millimeter in pilots flying side by side without ausiglio of technological tools. The squadron leader Poni 1, gives orders for the beginning of every evolution and is therefore responsible for movements in sync; Ground Commander Jan Slangen ensures that all air and ground operations are consonant to security in the sky and on the ground. When you see these roaring aircraft twirling as “Fireworks, so perfect in designing their trajectories, almost it conceals the fact that on those steel horses there are men of flesh and blood like us ..”.